S2E1 | A Fate Worse Than McDeath

On the season 2 premiere of Daft Monks, the Nate’s are back, remotely, with updates about their new year. Enjoy the show? Support us for as little as a dollar!

Nate readies a move, while other Nate embraces tattoos, traffic school, and embracing a life of crime. They discuss the upcoming Monsters of the Multiverse sourcebook and speculate on the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons.

The Nates workshop the plots of major 2022 blockbuster movies, from Greta Thunberg’s appearance in Aquaman 2, to the sad, tragic tale of the Penguin villain in The Batman.

After months of retirement from the monster hunter business, Van Helsing heads into town to look for a job to help with the duo’s increasingly restrictive financial situation. After a suspicious amount of time, Belmont decides to check-in and clean up the mess his partner seems to have created. No playground is safe in this new adventure of Daft Monks: Legend of the D Hunters.


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