Nate Versus Nate | ’80s Movie Pitches

On this episode of Nate Versus Nate, the hosts face-off once again to see who can pitch a bizarro ’80s movie premise and stump the other on the title. We talk horrible parents, truckers, tournaments, dancing, and even whip out a special track to set the mood.

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Intro (1s):
On this episode of Nat1 Presents.

Nate Stalcup (3s):
In this possibly action movie, the worst dad in America’s last truck driver is forced to take his son on a road trip with him. This is where we find out about his dad’s passion – arm wrestling.

Intro (17s):
Adventure, heartwarming stories, roleplaying that could only be seen by the gods. Here with Nat1 Presents, you get all that and more. Now, join us as we start another epic tale of con — Just kidding. This is Nat1 Presents. A tabletop role-playing game podcast that takes your favorite nerdy games and pop culture icons and ruins them with improv.

Nate Stalcup (45s):
Hello, and welcome to Nat1 Presents: The Podcast. Hey, Nate.

Nate Casimiro (49s):
Hey, how’s it going, Nate?

Nate Stalcup (50s):
It’s going good. What’s new with you?

Nate Casimiro (52s):
Oh, you know, disappointment.

Nate Stalcup (55s):
I’m sorry.

Nate Casimiro (55s):
Just, you know, I’m being dejected. Yeah. You know, I didn’t get that tattoo that I was ranting and raving about.

Nate Stalcup (1m 2s):
No, not, not the Nat1 one. He had another specific one, we had in mind.

Nate Casimiro (1m 6s):
The one I was excited for.

Nate Stalcup (1m 7s):
Right, yes.

Nate Casimiro (1m 9s):
Yeah, it just, you know, it’s tough. It’s tough to find the right artist. It’s like dating, except you’re not even getting a free meal out of it.

Nate Stalcup (1m 16s):
Right. And it seems like it’s a bigger commitment because this is going to be on your body for life.

Nate Casimiro (1m 20s):
Yeah. And I’m starting to feel like — so I like, alright, I watch Ink Master because I enjoy reality TV. And I also enjoy art shows. And so, it was like a good combination.

Nate Stalcup (1m 28s):

Nate Casimiro (1m 28s):
I know, I don’t know anything about tattoos just from watching Ink Master.

Nate Stalcup (1m 32s):

Nate Casimiro (1m 32s):
But what I didn’t see is like, wow, that’s what a bad customer looks like. And that’s what a good customer. And I’m starting to like, internalize now, like, “Am I the bad customer?” And like, I’m not. Personally, I just feel like, you know, when I’m consulting with these artists, they’re not being totally honest. Like, they’re being like, “Yep, I can do this.” And then they draw it. And then they just cut out the parts of my design they didn’t want to do. And then they’re, and then it’s like, “Well, I thought you said you could do it.” You know. And then they are always like, “Well, it’s not my style.” And it’s like, “Well, why didn’t we have this conversation in the beginning?” And that’s like, that has happened now three times. So, I’m not going to give up. I’m going to fight the good fight. But I’m going to stay a tattoo virgin apparently until maybe I can find somebody who is really willing to kind of just go out of our comfort zone and draw something.

Nate Casimiro (2m 19s):
And I think it’d be a pretty cool tattoo, Nate.

Nate Stalcup (2m 20s):
I think so. I liked it.

Nate Casimiro (2m 21s):
Like it may be in Instagram. Instagram fuckin [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (2m 23s):

Nate Casimiro (2m 24s):
Because there’s really no source material out there for it.

Nate Stalcup (2m 26s):
Right. And I think that’s the problem with artists nowadays. Everybody is so worried with their social media presence, that if they do one bad tattoo that they’re not comfortable with, it doesn’t even have to be bad. If it just looks okay, and they’re not comfortable with it, they don’t want to do it. Because now their careers are ruined with the whole cancel thing.

Nate Casimiro (2m 41s):
Yeah. It’s tough. I just, you know, again, like, just be honest with me from the front. And maybe like, I don’t know if it’s, like they over underestimate their own skills. Like they think they can do it and then, but I’m just tired of like getting the sketch the day before or showing up the day of, and it’s not like, “No. Oh, you made some artistic choices.” But like, “No, you did something different than what I asked for.”

Nate Stalcup (3m 0s):

Nate Casimiro (3m 1s):
Like that’s getting…

Nate Stalcup (3m 1s):
Not even what I…

Nate Casimiro (3m 2s):
It’s getting old, Nate. It’s getting old.

Nate Stalcup (3m 3s):
I’m sorry.

Nate Casimiro (3m 4s):
Anyway, sorry. We tried to keep the show positive. So, I’m going to, we’re going to move on. Tell me something good, Nate.

Nate Stalcup (3m 9s):
Um, let’s see. Well, we got, you know, our bonus episode that we have on the Patreon is going to be coming up soon. And it’s a doozy. To say the least.

Nate Casimiro (3m 20s):
Yeah, it’s something. it’s what some of you have been asking for. It’s what a lot of you probably never wanted.

Nate Stalcup (3m 26s):
You’re welcome.

Nate Casimiro (3m 26s):
You’re welcome. You’re welcome. And I hope you guys enjoy it. That’s going to be the June bonus episode.

Nate Stalcup (3m 31s):

Nate Casimiro (3m 31s):
No spoilers.

Nate Stalcup (3m 31s):
That’s all I got to say about it. That’s coming up.

Nate Casimiro (3m 35s):
Man, what are we doing today, Nate?

Nate Stalcup (3m 38s):
Today, I think we’re still working on like a title, but it’s going to be like an ’80s movie quiz/pitch idea where we both have our versions of a summary of an ’80s movie. And we kind of pitch it to each other, and see if the other person can guess, what movie that is? Or if it’s even a real ’80s movie.

Nate Casimiro (3m 57s):

Nate Stalcup (3m 57s):
Like some of these are, like no fucking way.

Nate Casimiro (3m 59s):
Oo… Did you? I didn’t even think about. I don’t know if, I didn’t throw in any, like fake movies.

Nate Stalcup (4m 2s):
No, all mine are real too.

Nate Casimiro (4m 3s):
That would be super funny.

Nate Stalcup (4m 4s):
’80s movies are so rediculous.

Nate Casimiro (4m 5s):
Oh, I wish I’d done that. I totally mean. Well, I think I have no idea. And I’ll be like, yeah, I made that up. It would be hard because these are bananas, Nate. Like going back, and so like, what, I my, I know what your process was. My process was for about half of them, I knew exactly a movie I wanted to do. I went back and I’m like, let me reread like on Wikipedia, the plot synopsis and holy shit, like every time, for those movies, I was like, wow, I did not pick up a lot of this other shit going on.

Nate Stalcup (4m 33s):

Nate Casimiro (4m 34s):
And it was like bonkers.

Nate Stalcup (4m 35s):
Oh, yeah.

Nate Casimiro (4m 36s):
Where, I just, I chuckled. Sometimes, I literally just started laughing while reading the description. And we’ll see if it comes through a little bit. And then other ones were just like I knew they were ridiculous and then I haven’t… I’m just going to… Some of them I’m going to wing, some of them you guys will be able to tell on the air, I just straight up wrote my movie pitches if I was like, drew like a coked-out ’80s like consultant.

Nate Stalcup (4m 56s):

Nate Casimiro (4m 57s):
Should we tell them like where, like how this episode even started?

Nate Stalcup (4m 60s):
Yeah, why not.

Nate Casimiro (5m 0s):

Nate Stalcup (5m 0s):
So originally, I showed Nate a video, the Key & Peele video on YouTube, but it’s the Gremlins 1. And then I watched it and thought it was hilarious, but then I immediately went home and watched Gremlins 2, and it’s all in the fucking movie. Every, look it up on YouTube, it’s an awesome sketch from Key & Peele, but everything they say is in the fucking Gremlins movie. And that made it so much funnier.

Nate Casimiro (5m 24s):
And they put that disclaimer at the end, but how funny is it that you actually just straight up, watched it…

Nate Stalcup (5m 29s):
Watched it. And I’m like, there it is. Like we’re making it up, man.

Nate Casimiro (5m 32s):
Those writers fucking knew exactly what they were doing. Yeah. He showed me the sketch the other day and I’m like, that’s fucking hilarious. Like, we could totally do that. Like Nate and I are like, we caught the tail end of the ’80s, you know, like, I think we’re ’90s kids, technically…

Nate Stalcup (5m 45s):

Nate Casimiro (5m 45s):
…but like we watched, ’90s kids watched a lot of ’80s movies.

Nate Stalcup (5m 47s):
Oh yeah.

Nate Casimiro (5m 47s):
Especially the late ’80s. So we’re like, we can totally do this…

Nate Stalcup (5m 51s):
Oh, yeah [inaudible]…

Nate Casimiro (5m 51s):
…we can make some of these pitches. So yeah. So these are, today we’re going to, it kind of almost falls under our Nate Versus Nate. We’re going to try to stump each other with like banana crazy movie pitches and see if they can guess the movie. And, yeah. I don’t know. Do you want to go first? [Inaudible]

Nate Stalcup (6m 7s):
Oh, I will go first.

Nate Casimiro (6m 9s):

Nate Stalcup (6m 9s):
I’m pretty…

Nate Casimiro (6m 10s):
And I wanted to, we don’t usually do extra sound effects in this one. [Inaudible]

Nate Stalcup (6m 14s):
Right. [Makes a sound]

Nate Casimiro (6m 17s):
We love that show by the way. But I went ahead and grabbed a track to play in the background because it really sets the mood while we’re like doing pitches.

Nate Stalcup (6m 25s):

Nate Casimiro (6m 25s):
And so are you ready?

Nate Stalcup (6m 28s):
Okay. I’m ready. I don’t know if I should. I’m just going to do regular voice and we’ll see how it goes.

Nate Casimiro (6m 31s):

Nate Stalcup (6m 32s):
Here we go. [Music in the background begins] In this fantastic, fantasy tale, some kid robs from a store with malicious intent. He then proceeds to ditch school to admire his stolen item, rolling to this fantasy world where we are introduced to a couple dozen fanciful creatures, only to be forgotten about as our new main character is a human native American child. We skip back and forth between criminal kid and native Luke Skywalker type kid who complains about everything, and by everything, I mean nothing. The worst part of this movie that stuck with me growing up, seriously, this is the worst [inaudible] part of the movie, it was how his lazy [inaudible] horse got stuck in some mud and just gave up on life and died.

Nate Stalcup (7m 15s):
He didn’t even try. He got stuck in the mud and he was like, you know what, that’s it. It’s over for me. I’m going to die here. And I cried as a kid because I didn’t want to see his horse get killed. Anyways, back to the little blip here, but looking back on it, if I was stuck with this native American Luke Skywalker kid, I would have just died and given up too, in that mud pit. Blah, blah, blah, adventure stuff happens. The criminal eats a sandwich. I don’t know why that stuck with me as a kid, him eating that sandwich, but it’s a key point in my head, and somehow together, they saved the day and then the criminal kid gets the fly and a giant dog scaring, probably the only other kids that even talk to him. Nate, what is that movie?

Nate Casimiro (7m 53s):
Wow. When you put it in terms like that, it sounds so crazy. Fucking native American kids?

Nate Stalcup (8m 1s):
Yeah, native American kid, because it shows all kinds of monsters.

Nate Casimiro (8m 5s):
Is this “The NeverEnding Story”?

Nate Stalcup (8m 5s):
It’s “The NeverEnding Story”. [Sings] Never ending story.

Nate Casimiro (8m 9s):
It sounds so like when you, it’s so bananas, it doesn’t even, but then like, literally as you connect the dots, I’m like, yeah. Alright.

Nate Stalcup (8m 15s):
All that stuff makes sense.

Nate Casimiro (8m 16s):
And everything happened.

Nate Stalcup (8m 17s):

Nate Casimiro (8m 18s):
Everything happened. Alright, so I’m going to be honest. There’s a lot of movies I haven’t seen or I just straight don’t remember. So I did see “NeverEnding Story”, but they played it when I was a young, young fucking kid. So I could not tell, I only remember some of the parts in that movie. Like, I don’t remember the horse thing you were talking about at all, which apparently is a major…

Nate Stalcup (8m 35s):
It stuck with me bad.

Nate Casimiro (8m 36s):
…that stuck with you. Yeah.

Nate Stalcup (8m 37s):
The horse’s name was Artax and he just gave up. He’s like, “Come on Artax.” Artax is like, “Nope, I’m dying.”

Nate Casimiro (8m 42s):
Just leave me to die.

Nate Stalcup (8m 43s):
“Leave me to die, dude. I’m done with you.”

Nate Casimiro (8m 45s):
I mean, I can vibe with that really.

Nate Stalcup (8m 46s):

Nate Casimiro (8m 47s):
In 2021, like…

Nate Stalcup (8m 48s):
Oh, yeah.

Nate Casimiro (8m 48s):
I just want to be left to die.

Nate Stalcup (8m 49s):
And now that we’re getting older and shit, like, just let me die, man.

Nate Casimiro (8m 52s):
Like we’re sympathizing with the guy becuase we’re not supposed to.

Nate Stalcup (8m 55s):

Nate Casimiro (8m 55s):
Alright. Alright.

Nate Stalcup (8m 57s):
And then a side note for everybody. I make fun of all these movies, but seriously, I hold all these movies I listed, near and dear to my heart. I love these movies.

Nate Casimiro (9m 4s):
Every movie I picked, I love too. So it’s going to sound like we’re trashing on them, and we are, but it’s like no different than picking on your little or older brother.

Nate Stalcup (9m 14s):
Right. Same dip.

Nate Casimiro (9m 15s):
Same dip. Alright. Are we going to try it mine?

Nate Stalcup (9m 17s):
Yeah. Let’s try it. What do you have?

Nate Casimiro (9m 18s):
Alright. Alright. So mine, guys, needs a little bit more off the cuff. You can just kind of do a minor script idea and you’ll be able to tell, because it goes on for like 60 seconds, but here we go. Ready?

Nate Stalcup (9m 28s):

Nate Casimiro (9m 28s):
I’m going to restart the song.

Nate Stalcup (9m 29s):

Nate Casimiro (9m 30s):
Because I need that. I need the music to like pump me up a little bit.

Nate Stalcup (9m 32s):
Yeah. Do it.

Nate Casimiro (9m 33s):
Okay. Alright. Okay. So hear me out. What if I told you there was a 90-minute movie about a young boy with PTSD, but the twist is, it’s riddled with product placements. I’m thinking the boy is a nine-year old and you know what, he has a twin sister. Ooh, but she drowned. Okay. You’re probably thinking this is going to be a really thoughtful movie about healing and trauma. Nope. We’re going to say that his parents are trash and they’re just going to put him in a mental institute. Okay. So anyway, you’re going to have… The young kid is going to have a brother. No, a half-brother. He’s also a teenager and his half-brother is going to kidnap him for some reason, because nobody in this family apparently cares about this kid’s wellbeing. Oh, and there’s a lunchbox, but more on that later.

Nate Stalcup (10m 8s):

Nate Casimiro (10m 9s):
Okay. So it’s actually a hitchhiking adventure with teenagers and they pick up this other girl who’s traveling to Reno because…reasons. Anyway, they decide they can fix their broken baby brother with a boatload of money, but what they need to do is have him win by playing arcade games. Okay. So great. But it’s an ’80s movie, so we need a training montage. I’m thinking he practices on pinball machines and then he just straight up called Nintendo Power. Okay. Alright. I think we’re getting somewhere.

Nate Stalcup (10m 32s):

Nate Casimiro (10m 32s):
But we also need a bad guy that he’s not related to.

Nate Stalcup (10m 35s):
Ooo. Okay.

Nate Casimiro (10m 35s):
So also instead of calling the police, his parents are going to call, let’s say a bounty hunter.

Nate Stalcup (10m 40s):

Nate Casimiro (10m 41s):
Now the bounty hunter is going to be way less competent than those group of children, alright. But he’s going to get close to catching them. So we’re need another group of [inaudible] adults. I’m thinking truckers, they are a big thing in the ’80s. Alright. So the truckers are going to aid in the kidnapping of these children, but we still need one more villain. So I’m thinking he’s an asshole teenager that uses a video game gauntlet because, fuck it, it’s the 90-minute commercial for video game placements.

Nate Stalcup (11m 1s):

Nate Casimiro (11m 2s):
Lastly, we’re going to have a huge twist at the end. The whole movie is actually just a promotion for Super Mario Bros 3. Name that movie.

Nate Stalcup (11m 8s):
Ooo. You had me up until lunch box and then it was “The Wizard”.

Nate Casimiro (11m 14s):

Nate Stalcup (11m 14s):

Nate Casimiro (11m 14s):

Nate Stalcup (11m 15s):
I love that movie.

Nate Casimiro (11m 17s):
It’s like very nostalgic.

Nate Stalcup (11m 19s):

Nate Casimiro (11m 20s):
And it is a classic, but it’s also like, straight up, it’s kind of like, it was very heavy-handed in that like between the Nintendo Power references, the actual arcade game references, the power glove.

Nate Stalcup (11m 32s):
Yes, I remember that.

Nate Casimiro (11m 33s):
Was that what it was called?

Nate Stalcup (11m 34s):
And it was bad ass when they showed it.

Nate Casimiro (11m 35s):
And then straight up it was like leading into the North American launch of the Super Marios Bros 3.

Nate Stalcup (11m 39s):

Nate Casimiro (11m 39s):
So like, it was very heavy-handed, which was supposed to be about this sentimental movie about a kid, who is dealing with loss and his family being split apart and stuff.

Nate Stalcup (11m 47s):
Or was it like something wrong with him that we don’t know? And then what kind of shit parents hire a bounty hunter?

Nate Casimiro (11m 51s):
Yeah, that one got me, and then I liked that they recruit a bunch of truckers who are like, “We’re going to stop you from taking this kid home. We’re going to let these kids continue to travel on…”

Nate Stalcup (11m 60s):
They all grouped together and blocked off a road and shit. It was crazy.

Nate Casimiro (12m 3s):
It was crazy. So in mine, I don’t know about yours, but I draw some trends in my movies, okay. One is that a lot of my movies end with tournaments.

Nate Stalcup (12m 11s):

Nate Casimiro (12m 12s):
’80s movies, apparently end with tournaments.

Nate Stalcup (12m 14s):
They love it.

Nate Casimiro (12m 14s):
They love tournaments. Also truckers are a thing, and a lot of my movies…

Nate Stalcup (12m 19s):
One of my movies coming up actually has a trucker in it.

Nate Casimiro (12m 21s):
Oh, I’m super nervous.

Nate Stalcup (12m 22s):
They loved the truckers in the ’80s.

Nate Casimiro (12m 24s):
Hopefully, it’s just in a bunch of movies. So we’ll see. We’ll see. Okay. Alright. Woo.

Nate Stalcup (12m 29s):
That was a good one. I love “The Wizard”. It was good.

Nate Casimiro (12m 31s):
Okay. Alright.

Nate Stalcup (12m 34s):
Alright. Here we go. Number two for me. In this action movie, based on a true story, seriously, it says a “true” fucking “story” in the beginning of this. A military man of some sort leaves. He just leaves. He abandons his post and just leaves. And apparently that’s okay back then. He flies overseas to complete a family tradition for a family, he’s not even a member of. Okay. And then we have a flashback to when he’s a kid, he gets caught doing a B and E on some elderly Asian man’s house. There’s a lot of these where kids are doing crimes and apparently it’s okay, because that’s going to lead into something else. So apparently in the ’80s, a lot of kids were doing crimes. The man takes pity on this slow-looking child.

Nate Stalcup (13m 14s):
Seriously, go back and look at him. He’s really slow-looking. He decides that, “Hey, slow-looking kid. You can be a human punching bag for my son.” And then it flashes back, he’s going back to the military. They send two dudes to track him down. Only two dudes to track this guy down, because apparently he’s some sort of human killing machine, trained by the military and they need to track him down. But he’s so important that one of the guys tracking him down is a senior fucking citizen. So let’s see. He beats the only other American, when he gets there in a fighting video game, thus making him a BFF forever in a span of a couple of minutes, like, “Hey, we’re both Americans and I kicked your ass in this fighting arcade game, and now we’re BFFs.

Nate Stalcup (13m 55s):
Blah, blah, blah. He breaks one brick and his new friend gets hospitalized by the buffest guy in the whole continent. All these things happen. He bangs some floozy reporter and immediately after, gets revenge for his new friend and securing his “not family’s” legacy. What is this movie?

Nate Casimiro (14m 15s):
Oh my God, what the fuck did you…? I don’t think I know this one.

Nate Stalcup (14m 18s):
All these things happen. Check it. Based on a true fucking story, they say.

Nate Casimiro (14m 22s):
He bangs a reporter? Oh my God. Give me some of the key points again. Like…

Nate Stalcup (14m 26s):
There is a tournament. I left that out because I thought I’d give it away too much. But there is a tournament, a martial arts tournament.

Nate Casimiro (14m 35s):
This isn’t fucking “Karate Kid”?

Nate Stalcup (14m 37s):
Not “Karate Kid”.

Nate Casimiro (14m 38s):

Nate Stalcup (14m 38s):
And there’s also a part where the old man forcibly grabs this guy and splits his legs apart with ropes and makes him do the splits because that’s training. And then he hits him with a wooden bamboo sword, a couple of times.

Nate Casimiro (14m 50s):
I feel like I should know this, but what the fuck?

Nate Stalcup (14m 55s):
Like the [inaudible].

Nate Casimiro (14m 56s):
Wow. You might’ve gotten me on this one.

Nate Stalcup (14m 57s):
This one is “Bloodsport”, starring Jean-Claude van Damme.

Nate Casimiro (15m 1s):
Oh. No, I probably didn’t see that.

Nate Stalcup (15m 3s):

Nate Casimiro (15m 3s):
I’m going to, my dad would be so disappointed, but when he put on like certain action movies, I would just straight up fall asleep. This is probably one of those.

Nate Stalcup (15m 11s):
It’s such a good one. He trains blind at one point, and then the buffest guy in all of Asia, throws blinding powder in his eyes. And there’s a scene that I’ll always remember because it’s fucking ridiculous, where John Claude has just gotten his eyes opened and he can’t see. And he’s like, [makes a groaning sound] He makes that noise.

Nate Casimiro (15m 30s):
I’m going to have to go back and watch this.

Nate Stalcup (15m 31s):
And then he fights him and beats him blind.

Nate Casimiro (15m 33s):
There are also video games?

Nate Stalcup (15m 35s):
There was a video game. They show up at like the main… So apparently, this is a top-secret fighting organization, the Kumite, that they’re fighting in, and they’re all staying at the same fucking hotel, apparently. And there is a… Because it’s in China, obviously. I think it’s in China. I’m pretty sure. It doesn’t look like Japan. And there’s an arcade machine in the lobby. And then him and his American friend are like, “Hey, you want to fight?” And he’s like, “I don’t know. You know.” Jean-Claude is playing it cool, but then he fucking crushes him with the sticks, like boom, boom, boom, boom, fucking whipping that stick around and crushing him. And that’s when they become friends.

Nate Casimiro (16m 8s):
Wow. I’m going to have to go… See now here’s the risk at this activity today, is that if I go back and watch this movie, I’m going to be like, yes, all of this is true, but it’s also going to take away the punch of all this crazy shit happening.

Nate Stalcup (16m 22s):

Nate Casimiro (16m 22s):
Because then like, you’ve kind of told me in like a nutshell, all this banana bonkers…

Nate Stalcup (16m 26s):

Nate Casimiro (16m 28s):
But I’m willing to commit. Like that should be, like, the wager is like, if you get one wrong on this, you have to go back and watch it.

Nate Stalcup (16m 33s):
Ooo yeah.

Nate Casimiro (16m 34s):
So that’s…

Nate Stalcup (16m 35s):
And now you’re going to go back and be like, “Man, all this stuff does happen.” I think that’s some of the fun. So if you guys watching at home, go back and watch these, and you’re like, holy shit, all this weird stuff does happen.

Nate Casimiro (16m 44s):
We’ll turn it into like a bingo board, where we cut all those like ’80s stuff on and…

Nate Stalcup (16m 48s):
[Inaudible] like next time we do this segment, throw in wrong facts and then you guys got to figure it out.

Nate Casimiro (16m 53s):
Oh, my God. That’d be so hard, Dude. That’d be so hard.

Nate Stalcup (16m 56s):
And then there’s a pet monkey named Gerbils. It makes no sense.

Nate Casimiro (16m 59s):
Why? ’80s was all about extra details that didn’t need to be in the movie…

Nate Stalcup (17m 3s):

Nate Casimiro (17m 3s):
…is what I kind of feel like.

Nate Stalcup (17m 4s):

Nate Casimiro (17m 4s):
You know. Like the fact that like in fucking going back a sec for “The Wizard”, it’s like, oh, it’s his half-brother though. Like, I don’t really think we need to specify… Like that really is not…

Nate Stalcup (17m 14s):
And then you get really confused over the story. Like, so is the mom not the mom? Or is the dad… Why is the dad there? Like, what’s really going on here? And then they don’t answer that.

Nate Casimiro (17m 23s):

Nate Stalcup (17m 23s):
So it just leaves you with unnecessary questions about the movie.

Nate Casimiro (17m 26s):
And that like, lunchbox has so much more significance than it really, really needs, you know?

Nate Stalcup (17m 31s):

Nate Casimiro (17m 31s):
Like it’s very, yeah. Anyway. Alright. Well, maybe I can get you with this one.

Nate Stalcup (17m 36s):
Okay. I’m ready.

Nate Casimiro (17m 37s):
I don’t know though, because it might be up your alley.

Nate Stalcup (17m 38s):
I’m pumped.

Nate Casimiro (17m 39s):
I’m not ready to try to… I have one in here that’s like straight up, you’ll never get.

Nate Stalcup (17m 43s):

Nate Casimiro (17m 44s):
Maybe, but…

Nate Stalcup (17m 45s):
I watch a lot of movies, Nate. Thanks, Mom.

Nate Casimiro (17m 47s):
But we’ll try this one. Okay. Here we go. Start it again.

Nate Stalcup (17m 51s):
Okay. Yeah. Starting from the beginning.

Nate Casimiro (17m 52s):
I’m a Dick. I paid a dollar for this track.

Nate Stalcup (17m 54s):
Okay. It’s ours now.

Nate Casimiro (17m 56s):
Okay. So we’re going to make a movie that involves our favorite things from the ’80s. We’re talking epic fucking names, truckers, arm wrestling, and of course, horrible families. The movie is going to be about this guy, fucking Lincoln Hawk. Nate, if that name doesn’t tell you how epic this movie is going to be, you don’t even know, okay. So Lincoln fucking Hawk, he’s going to be a truck driver, who’s estranged from his wife and son, but his wife is going to be like, “Hey, you and your son need to bond, I guess, so go on this road trip.” Now the villain is going to be a grandpappy because he’s a rich bitch, and even though truckers make really good money and it’s a very respectable career, that white-collar son of a bitch is going to try to derail his daughter’s happiness and destroy her family. So naturally the grandpa’s going to do what every household elderly person would do. He is going to hire some goons to kidnap his grandchild. But fuck that, Lincoln Hawk is no pussy.

Nate Casimiro (18m 38s):
So he’s going to throw the shit out of that. But you remember that mom who recommended this whole trip, dead, just straight up dead, Nate. So naturally the kid is an asshole and blames his dad for this, even though his dad is named Lincoln fucking Hawk and who arm wrestles. So somehow the kid is going to go running to Grandpappy’s, but Lincoln Hawk is like, fuck it. I’ll just ramrod my semi through the rich father-in-law’s home, but naturally that’s going to get him arrested even though he could have easily just used law enforcement to claim custody over his own kid.

Nate Stalcup (19m 1s):

Nate Casimiro (19m 1s):
Anyway, this is going to roll into a scheme to get Hawk to sign over custody of his kid, to his Grandpappy, because I guess Hawk is kind of an idiot and afraid of getting charges pressed for driving into a mansion, but that’s not going to get Hawk down. Oh, no. Hawk is going to go to an arm-wrestling championship because every ’80s movie ends with a tournament. He’s going to battle some guys, you know are tough because their names were even more epic than his. We’re talking about John Grizzly and Bull Hurley.

Nate Stalcup (19m 21s):

Nate Casimiro (19m 21s):
Okay. Shit like that. Anyway, we find out that grandpa used to intercept the mail system, even though it’s an incredibly secure government organization trick, which we see all the time. And we discovered that Grandpappy actually hid all of Hawk’s letters to his son growing up. And let’s just totally forget the fact that payphones did in fact exist in the ’80s, whatever. This leads to the son showing up to the tournament where Hawk bets on himself, but the grandfather is still going to try to offer Hawk a pile of money to leave his grandson alone, as if they hadn’t already signed legal documents, giving him custody. In conclusion, Hawk is going to decline, and win the tournament anyway. Hawk and his son make up and drive off into the sunset in a new [inaudible] with a boatload of money. Name that movie.

Nate Stalcup (19m 58s):
Okay. I know the movie, but I had a few…

Nate Casimiro (20m 1s):
But you have to name it.

Nate Stalcup (20m 2s):
I’ve had a feeling this was going to happen.

Nate Casimiro (20m 4s):
Oh no.

Nate Stalcup (20m 5s):

Nate Casimiro (20m 5s):
Let’s see.

Nate Stalcup (20m 5s):
Let me see.

Nate Casimiro (20m 6s):
Let’s see. Oh…

Nate Stalcup (20m 10s):
I’m going to go ahead and read one of my descriptions.

Nate Casimiro (20m 12s):
Let’s go, let’s go.

Nate Stalcup (20m 13s):
In this possibly action movie, the worst dad, and America’s last truck driver is forced to take his son on a road trip with him. This is where we find out about his dad’s passion – arm wrestling. He loves it so much, he has even built in a weight set inside the cab of his truck. So he’ll never miss a workout. Eventually the son runs off or some bullshit or something and they find each other blah-blah-blah. We’re here for action. The finale takes place in Vegas of all places, because why not, it always does, at a world championship arm-wrestling tournament. Apparently, it was a bigger deal in the ’80s and after this movie, I’m sure, shit gets real, as the dad makes it all the way to the finals, where he flips his hat around.

Nate Stalcup (20m 53s):
Thus going super insane and defeating a man that’s four times his size. Pretty sure this was also based on a true story. Maybe. “Over The Top.”

Nate Casimiro (21m 3s):
“Over the Top.”

Nate Stalcup (21m 3s):
Over The Top.

Nate Casimiro (21m 4s):
It’s called “Over the Top” because it’s fucking ridiculous. It’s ridiculous.

Nate Stalcup (21m 8s):
Over the Top. Let me scratch that off now.

Nate Casimiro (21m 10s):
Oh, man.

Nate Stalcup (21m 10s):
I had a feeling this will happen.

Nate Casimiro (21m 11s):
I knew you were going to… And honestly, I knew you were going to do that one, too, but I was like, it’s too good not to take the risk.

Nate Stalcup (21m 17s):

Nate Casimiro (21m 17s):
It’s too good.

Nate Stalcup (21m 19s):
What are the chances?

Nate Casimiro (21m 20s):
What are the chances. I knew, Dude, I told like, guys at the beginning already, like The Wizard, I’m like, “Do you have one about a video game tournament?” He’s like, “Kind of.” And I’m like “Goddamn, this isn’t helpful.” And so we just like were like, “Whatever, if we have duplicates, it will be fun to see the other perspective.”

Nate Stalcup (21m 34s):

Nate Casimiro (21m 34s):
I knew there’s no way Nate and I like… And there’s tons of ’80s movies, like lots of classics, right?

Nate Stalcup (21m 39s):
Right. Like those were the biggest key points for me. The hat flip, which I still do at work. Sometimes…

Nate Casimiro (21m 43s):
I can’t believe you didn’t mention that [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (21m 44s):
Right. And then the workout machine in the cab of his truck, like you’re taking your kid and you have floating weights in your fucking truck. Like that’s the most dangerous fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Like this is the ’80s. Like you don’t have to worry about a seatbelt, but let’s not have giant chunks of metal.

Nate Casimiro (21m 57s):
It’s so bad. And then I just love too, these bad families, like with “The Wizard”, it’s like, I’m going to hire a bounty hunter to get my kid back.

Nate Stalcup (22m 5s):
Worst parents ever.

Nate Casimiro (22m 6s):
And then this grandfather is going to hire goons to kidnap his grandson, to make his grandson hate his son-in-law, like, what? Like you guys have issues.

Nate Stalcup (22m 16s):
I wonder if it’s set up for our parents where they would watch it and like, look at us and be like, you know what, I’m not doing too bad.

Nate Casimiro (22m 22s):

Nate Stalcup (22m 22s):
At least I’m not these people.

Nate Casimiro (22m 23s):
Yeah, these guys suck.

Nate Stalcup (22m 25s):
Yeah. Worst parents ever. I’m doing alright. My kid is alive.

Nate Casimiro (22m 27s):
It’s crazy.

Nate Stalcup (22m 28s):
Not getting abducted by trucker people.

Nate Casimiro (22m 30s):
Reading through the summary of “Over the Top”, becuase I did see that movie, I was wondering though, if like, because it’d been awhile, if that’s like what… It reminded me of the ending of “Dodgeball”, where they like bet on themselves.

Nate Stalcup (22m 39s):

Nate Casimiro (22m 40s):
And like, oh, I bet he like takes the money from the grandfather. But like, no. He just straight-up wins. He just beats a guy that is like three times his size…

Nate Stalcup (22m 46s):
Oh yeah.

Nate Casimiro (22m 46s):
..or whatever.

Nate Stalcup (22m 47s):
And they were originally supposed to have the bald guy, in the movie, but he’s way too big.

Nate Casimiro (22m 52s):

Nate Stalcup (22m 52s):
Like the movie was about… Yeah. He’s way too big, and he would have just dwarfed Sylvester Stallone. So they’re like, no, you can’t be in the movie.

Nate Casimiro (22m 59s):

Nate Stalcup (22m 59s):
I think he makes a cameo somewhere in there…

Nate Casimiro (23m 1s):
Sorry. I mean, this is literally kind of about you, but you make…

Nate Stalcup (23m 5s):
Sylvester looks tiny.

Nate Casimiro (23m 6s):
Like Sylvester is a little too small.

Nate Stalcup (23m 7s):

Nate Casimiro (23m 8s):
You can’t be in there.

Nate Stalcup (23m 9s):
I thought that was fun.

Nate Casimiro (23m 10s):
Imagine like… I’d be so disappointed.

Nate Stalcup (23m 12s):
Oh, yeah.

Nate Casimiro (23m 12s):
This is the movie made for me, and I can’t be in it.

Nate Stalcup (23m 14s):
I can’t be in it. You sons of bitches.

Nate Casimiro (23m 15s):
You sons of bitches.

Nate Stalcup (23m 16s):
I’m bold.

Nate Casimiro (23m 17s):
Those names got me to fucking Lincoln Hawk.

Nate Stalcup (23m 19s):

Nate Casimiro (23m 20s):
So that’s an ’80s thing, right? John Grizzly.

Nate Stalcup (23m 23s):
Oh yeah.

Nate Casimiro (23m 23s):
Bull Hurley. But apparently Bull… Is that his actual name?

Nate Stalcup (23m 26s):
Real name.

Nate Casimiro (23m 27s):
Well, he probably is…

Nate Stalcup (23m 28s):
He might’ve changed it… Right. But I swear in my hometown, there was a guy named Moose. I don’t know if that was his real name, but people called him Moose. I think that was a thing back then. What’s an animal? Like call me Badger.

Nate Casimiro (23m 39s):
You know, when I think of Moose, that’s the name of a character in “Step Up”, which was a movie series about street dancing.

Nate Stalcup (23m 45s):
Ooh. Okay. Okay. I’ve never seen that.

Nate Casimiro (23m 49s):
Apparently, Moose is persistent in the ’90s, early 2000’s.

Nate Stalcup (23m 52s):

Nate Casimiro (23m 53s):
Well, technically, it’s your turn.

Nate Stalcup (23m 55s):
Okay, okay.

Nate Casimiro (23m 56s):

Nate Stalcup (23m 56s):
Because I made six of them. So I think I had one extra…

Nate Casimiro (23m 58s):
Because I spent a lot of time on these.

Nate Stalcup (24m 0s):
Okay, okay. Alright. You ready?

Nate Casimiro (24m 1s):
Yeah, let’s do this.

Nate Stalcup (24m 2s):
Okay. In this sweet sci-fi fantasy, a guy that lives in a trailer park, I say guy, I think he’s supposed to be a teenager, but he looks like a full grown man, plays some arcade game, and finally beats the high score. He was then greeted by an elderly gentlemen, that turns out to be a fucking alien and says, “Let’s go on an adventure.” To make things easy, the geezer leaves behind some kind of clone thing that takes the form of the kid-man and proceeds to wreck his social life while he’s away. Thanks a lot, alien geezer guy. The kid-man is then taken to some kind of space port, where he’s given a sweet translator thing and gets told how everyone is battling some other alien bad guy, and we’re losing so bad, we’ve resorted to using arcade machines, to lure children, to come fight with us.

Nate Stalcup (24m 42s):
He befriends some weird-looking wiener, turtle, poop guy. He looks like those three things all rolled into one. And then they fucking save the galaxy together, just in time for him to get home and save his relationship. Seriously, though, the cover art and posters for this movie are fucking awesome. What is it?

Nate Casimiro (25m 3s):
I already know I don’t know this movie.

Nate Stalcup (25m 5s):
You don’t know this one?

Nate Casimiro (25m 5s):
I have never in my life heard of that.

Nate Stalcup (25m 8s):
Well, later I’ll show you… We’ll look up the penis, turtle, poop man.

Nate Casimiro (25m 13s):
What is it? Tell our listeners about this movie.

Nate Stalcup (25m 17s):
This movie is “The Last Starfighter” and that’s pretty much everything that happens. There’s a galactic menace. He gets a high score on a machine. And somehow that translates into him being able to operate an actual alien spacecraft. So he’s enlisted into the star fleet, I guess. And then he beats the bad guys and then gets to go home and make out with this girlfriend. And seriously, I don’t know if he’s a teenager or a man. It never really explains it, but he does live in a trailer park.

Nate Casimiro (25m 47s):
I have fucking never heard of this ever, Dude.

Nate Stalcup (25m 49s):
Do you see the cover art though? It’s fucking epic.

Nate Casimiro (25m 51s):
Which one? I see two different ones. Because this is like multiple posters.

Nate Stalcup (25m 55s):
No, that one’s okay, but that one looks cool.

Nate Casimiro (25m 57s):
Yeah. I was even like, that was kind of like a ’90s or 2000’s poster and that’s probably where the budget went…

Nate Stalcup (26m 3s):
Yeah. To the cover art…

Nate Casimiro (26m 4s):
Yeah, to the cover art.

Nate Stalcup (26m 4s):
And do you see the alien penis…?

Nate Casimiro (26m 5s):
No, I’m looking… Oh wow.

Nate Stalcup (26m 8s):
Do you see what I’m saying?

Nate Casimiro (26m 9s):
Like when you said that, I’m like, that sounds ridiculous. But straight up, this is an alien penis [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (26m 16s):
Poop man.

Nate Casimiro (26m 18s):
And I also see what you’re saying about, is this a teenager or a middle-age man?

Nate Stalcup (26m 22s):

Nate Casimiro (26m 22s):
I cannot tell.

Nate Stalcup (26m 23s):

Nate Casimiro (26m 24s):
I cannot tell.

Nate Stalcup (26m 24s):
Very… I just don’t know because I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of interactions with his mom and stuff. Maybe he’s a guy who lives at home, but then he has like a teenage girlfriend. It’s very confusing, but I still love this movie – The Last Starfighter.

Nate Casimiro (26m 37s):
Crazy. I’m actually reading… Weird. The game’s designer [inaudible] reveals he created Starfighters, a training ground. It also kind of reminded me of, what’s that children’s book story, where… Ender’s Game.

Nate Stalcup (26m 52s):
Ooo yeah.

Nate Casimiro (26m 52s):
It started to like, remind me of Ender’s game. And then it got weird and like, oh, I’d rather just watch Ender’s Game.

Nate Stalcup (26m 57s):
And then also I think Ernest Cline, the guy who made “Ready Player One” made another book called “Armada” and it takes heavily from this whole thing of like, you play a video game, get a high score, and now that qualifies you to be a trained pilot of some sort, just by playing a video game.

Nate Casimiro (27m 13s):
God I wish real life worked that way, Nate.

Nate Stalcup (27m 15s):
I know.

Nate Casimiro (27m 16s):
I wish playing video games well, qualified you for anything.

Nate Stalcup (27m 19s):
If that worked out, I’d already be going to Mortal Kombat.

Nate Casimiro (27m 21s):

Nate Stalcup (27m 22s):
I’m sure of it. No, I wouldn’t. I’m a loser. I know that. No. It’s alright.

Nate Casimiro (27m 26s):
Alright. I’m tired of losing. So this one, I would be surprised if you got, but we’ll see.

Nate Stalcup (27m 33s):

Nate Casimiro (27m 33s):

Nate Stalcup (27m 33s):
I know Mom’s playing along at home and I’m sure you’re going to get every single one of these right. So I’m proud of you.

Nate Casimiro (27m 39s):
Yeah, Mama Nate, let’s see if you can do it.

Nate Stalcup (27m 42s):

Nate Casimiro (27m 43s):
Oh, I need the music.

Nate Stalcup (27m 44s):
Oh, yeah.

Nate Casimiro (27m 44s):
It really gets me in the zone.

Nate Stalcup (27m 45s):
You need the tunes to get you pumped up just like the ’80s. You just have to have good tunes.

Nate Casimiro (27m 47s):
Yeah, exactly. And you know, I’m not going to lie. These movies did have good tunes…

Nate Stalcup (27m 51s):
Great soundtracks. All these movies.

Nate Casimiro (27m 53s):
We’ll get into that on another episode.

Nate Stalcup (27m 55s):
Stay tuned for a special Highlander episode, coming up. It’s going to knock your socks off.

Nate Casimiro (27m 60s):
Alright, here we go. Okay. A girl and her father move to Chicago, after he retires from the army. The girl wants to be on a TV show, where they dance, I think like “Hairspray” or whatever. I don’t know. It was a different time. But gasp, it is forbidden, probably because she’s still in high school, and that is genuinely a bad idea. Anyway, girl goes to Catholic school. The girls makes a friend. And friend and girl audition to be on the dancing show in secrecy. The girl and her friend piss off a popular girl, who vows to sabotage both of them and gets friend eliminated from audition. As revenge, the girl and her friend invite strangers and ruin the popular girl’s birthday party. Gross. Oh, and there’s a boy who dances with the girl and becomes her partner. And they fall in love, but the popular girl threatens to have the boy’s daddy fired from his job. So boy and girl fight, because being honest is hard.

Nate Casimiro (28m 42s):
Okay. But meanwhile, the girl’s father finds out that she’s been sneaking out to join a dance show. So naturally he’s going to install security cameras and a guard dog. Okay. The girl’s friend comes and cuts the cables to a likely, very expensive security system that they escape. And then they somehow manage to not even encounter the guard dog, who seems in general, to be a poor alternative to simply sitting down and explaining to his daughter why quitting high school to be a local television star is a horrible decision. Anyway, the girl sneaks into the televised final audition because again, ’80s movies have to end with some kind of tournament or competition.

Nate Stalcup (29m 13s):

Nate Casimiro (29m 14s):
And basically now the boy’s father supports his son, even if it’s going to cost him losing his job, because he knows what we all know, which is that his son probably swings for the other team. And that television is probably a lot better than being a male hairdresser in the ’80s.

Nate Stalcup (29m 27s):

Nate Casimiro (29m 27s):
I made that part up, but that’s fine.

Nate Stalcup (29m 28s):
Oh, okay.

Nate Casimiro (29m 29s):
So boy and girl tie, with the evil popular girl and her irrelevant partner, and then gasp! There’s a dance off and the boy and girl win. Thanks to synchronized gymnastics that they practiced during their steamy, hot, late night dates. Oh, and the friend on the show is now on the show too, that was eliminated before, because of a fluke resignation. Oh, and somewhere in there, a random guy tries to assault the girl because it is the ’80s and she won’t go the fuck to bed and started sneaking out at night. Name that film.

Nate Stalcup (29m 53s):
I’m really torn.

Nate Casimiro (29m 54s):
Talk to me, what are you thinking?

Nate Stalcup (29m 57s):
I’m just… I got like three options in my head right now. It’s either “Dirty Dancing”, “Footloose,” or what’s the third option I’m thinking of? I can’t think of the title right now. Hm. Fuck.

Nate Casimiro (30m 11s):
Is it the one that’s like Footloose, but it’s not Footloose, “Flashdance” or?

Nate Stalcup (30m 14s):
Ooo, yeah. That’s the other one I was thinking of – “Flashdance”, but it’s not that. I’m going to go with B. Is it Footloose with Kevin Bacon?

Nate Casimiro (30m 22s):
Ah, ah.

Nate Stalcup (30m 23s):
Ah, dammit.

Nate Casimiro (30m 24s):
Wrong. See, yeah, a lot of these dance…

Nate Stalcup (30m 28s):
These dancing movies…

Nate Casimiro (30m 28s):
A lot of these dancing movies are pretty similar. If I threw in abortion and…

Nate Stalcup (30m 32s):
That’s “Dirty Dancing”.

Nate Casimiro (30m 32s):
It would have been a dead giveaway.

Nate Stalcup (30m 34s):

Nate Casimiro (30m 35s):
I knew “Dirty Dancing” was even you, as straight as you are, have seen “Dirty Dancing”.

Nate Stalcup (30m 38s):
Of course, I have.

Nate Casimiro (30m 39s):
But no, this is…

Nate Stalcup (30m 40s):
I was waiting for abortion, too. And like, if he says abortion, I know exactly what it is.

Nate Casimiro (30m 45s):
Show me abortion.

Nate Stalcup (30m 46s):
Looking on the board for abortion and nothing.

Nate Casimiro (30m 48s):
So this is actually “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

Nate Stalcup (30m 51s):

Nate Casimiro (30m 51s):
Sarah Jessica Parker, is in it. I only know of this, because my sister watched it a couple of times. And I just remember, like, I don’t know, it was just like a girl sneaking out a lot. And her dad… It was like her dad’s like the guy from “Law & Order”. And it was just that class…

Nate Stalcup (31m 5s):
Wait, he was also in “Dirty Dancing”, right? The same dude, playing a dad?

Nate Casimiro (31m 8s):
Maybe I actually am thinking of “Law & Order” or he plays the same role. I don’t know. I’ll have to check that.

Nate Stalcup (31m 12s):
I’m sure he played, I think he played a lot of dad’s…

Nate Casimiro (31m 14s):
He played a lot of dads.

Nate Stalcup (31m 15s):
Like he walked in and they were like, alright, you’re the dad, like, he didn’t even have to audition. Like whoever that guy is, like, you’re the dad, fuck it. You’re in the movie.

Nate Casimiro (31m 22s):
And, so obviously that wasn’t as like crazy bonkers as like “Over the Top” was.

Nate Stalcup (31m 26s):

Nate Casimiro (31m 27s):
But I think the point here is that you thought of literally like four different ’80s movies.

Nate Stalcup (31m 31s):

Nate Casimiro (31m 31s):
And so like the rom-coms or whatever you want to call them, the chick flicks of the ’80s were all weirdly similar…

Nate Stalcup (31m 38s):

Nate Casimiro (31m 39s):
…straight up, they were dancing.

Nate Stalcup (31m 40s):
Same storyline across the board.

Nate Casimiro (31m 42s):
I can’t even tell you the difference between “Flashdance” and “Footloose”.

Nate Stalcup (31m 44s):
Right. “Footloose” had Kevin Bacon.

Nate Casimiro (31m 47s):
I could not tell you, alright. I really, I want to know if it’s the same dad.

Nate Stalcup (31m 51s):
Is it?

Nate Casimiro (31m 52s):
Like, I’m not sure. I’m checking.

Nate Stalcup (31m 53s):
Because he played the dad in like everything, like he was a dad.

Nate Casimiro (31m 56s):
I have to find out. We need to. But man, these ’80s movies…

Nate Stalcup (32m 1s):
These ’80s movies…

Nate Casimiro (32m 2s):
You know.

Nate Stalcup (32m 2s):
I think there was a lot of them too, like a lot of the action movies and everything were like, hey, we’re just going to follow the same fucking formula and people…

Nate Casimiro (32m 8s):
If it isn’t broken, don’t fucking fix it.

Nate Stalcup (32m 10s):

Nate Casimiro (32m 10s):
Right. I just, I have to know. I have to know. I need to find the cast. No, I think it’s a different dad.

Nate Stalcup (32m 20s):
Ah, shucks.

Nate Casimiro (32m 20s):
But they had Shannen Doherty in this movie, fucking Helen Hunt…

Nate Stalcup (32m 24s):
Ooo, Helen Hunt?

Nate Casimiro (32m 25s):
Helen Hunt wasn’t in it, it wasn’t an ’80s movie.

Nate Stalcup (32m 27s):

Nate Casimiro (32m 28s):

Nate Stalcup (32m 28s):
Love me some Helen.

Nate Casimiro (32m 29s):
Love me some Helen. Where did she go? What happened to Helen Hunt?

Nate Stalcup (32m 32s):
I don’t know.

Nate Casimiro (32m 33s):
She’s like the Carmen [inaudible]…

Nate Stalcup (32m 34s):

Nate Casimiro (32m 34s):
…of like the ’80s and ’90s.

Nate Stalcup (32m 35s):
Where did she go?

Nate Casimiro (32m 36s):
Where did she go?

Nate Stalcup (32m 37s):
The same thing with like Elisabeth Shue. Like where did she go? And then she came back only as Elizabeth Shue.

Nate Casimiro (32m 43s):
Alright, alright. What do you have for me?

Nate Stalcup (32m 49s):
Okay. Here we go. Hold on. I’m glad that everything’s working out so good. We didn’t plan this, but this one… In this rom-com that actually has my mom’s cousin in it for like one scene…

Nate Casimiro (32m 60s):

Nate Stalcup (33m 0s):
I swear to God, he’s in it. If we watch it, I will pause it and show you.

Nate Casimiro (33m 4s):

Nate Stalcup (33m 5s):
Some dumb blonde steals her mother’s most expensive dress, in order to look older and more available to men that are way older than her. And then she gets some wine spilled on her. She’s not drinking age, mind you, at a party with booze, which is pretty suspicious. The whole thing… This chick is like wanting these older dudes to hit on her, and she’s still a high school girl. The whole thing is really weird. But besides that, so she goes to the dry cleaners and she obviously can’t afford to have this very nice dress cleaned, but lucky for her, there is a nerd, who happens to see what is going on. And he is way, way too handsome to be a nerd, he has the funds. Side note, I think he was saving up for a telescope. I think that was the nerdiest thing they could come up with at the time. He was going to buy a telescope with this money.

Nate Stalcup (33m 47s):
So anyway, he blackmails this floozy in her dire time of need. Just pretend to go out with me and you’ll never believe what happens next, Nate. You’ll never fucking believe it.

Nate Casimiro (33m 58s):
What? What?

Nate Stalcup (33m 58s):
She makes him handsome in like five seconds and then drama unfolds, and then they fall in love and they even ride off together, on a riding lawn mower. Name that movie.

Nate Casimiro (34m 9s):
Is this one, the Molly Ringwald…?

Nate Stalcup (34m 10s):
No, it is not actually. Nope.

Nate Casimiro (34m 12s):
Shit. Okay.

Nate Stalcup (34m 13s):
It has, what’s his name? Dr. McDreamy in it.

Nate Casimiro (34m 15s):
Oh yeah, that guy. He’s never been my thing. He’s never been [inaudible]…

Nate Stalcup (34m 21s):
Oh, okay.

Nate Casimiro (34m 23s):
Wow. I’m really bad… You are kicking my ass today. I’m so embarrassed to be on the show. Hmm.

Nate Stalcup (34m 29s):
I’ve watched this like six times. All six of those times with my mom.

Nate Casimiro (34m 37s):
No, what is it?

Nate Stalcup (34m 38s):
It’s “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Nate Casimiro (34m 40s):
I’ve heard of it.

Nate Stalcup (34m 41s):
[Sings] Can’t buy me love…

Nate Casimiro (34m 42s):
I’ve heard it but that is what… Alright. So all of the movies you’ve mentioned so far, no, I haven’t heard of the fucking Starfighter one either. Actually, so, no. Those are two movies I just straight up…

Nate Stalcup (34m 50s):
Right. This one was a little bit reversed because usually the formula was, it’s an ugly girl and we’re going to make the ugly girl pretty and have friends and everything. And this one was side-swapped, wacky ’80s style. We’re going to make the nerdy dude, handsome.

Nate Casimiro (35m 3s):
Right. Yeah. What’s the other…?

Nate Stalcup (35m 4s):
And then he gets handsome and turns out to be a dick just like in every other movie. Whoever turns handsome, turns into a dick. And I’ve always been handsome. So apparently I’ve been a dick my whole life.

Nate Casimiro (35m 13s):

Nate Stalcup (35m 14s):
According to movies.

Nate Casimiro (35m 14s):
And so far, in my experience with you, yes, it’s been the case.

Nate Stalcup (35m 18s):
See [inaudible]…

Nate Casimiro (35m 18s):
I really like how in… What is it called? In another teen movie, there’s like this scene where they do the transformation on the [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (35m 25s):

Nate Casimiro (35m 25s):
And they just take her glasses off and they’re like…

Nate Stalcup (35m 27s):

Nate Casimiro (35m 28s):
Done. And like, that’s basically what it is, right? [Inaudible] They’re like already hot. And then they just do like the most simple thing.

Nate Stalcup (35m 36s):
Right. Like nerds in real life, do not look like that dude.

Nate Casimiro (35m 38s):
That’s so dumb. Alright. What else do you have? Because I only have… The rest I’m just going to kind of ad-lib.

Nate Stalcup (35m 44s):
Okay. I only got one more.

Nate Casimiro (35m 46s):

Nate Stalcup (35m 47s):
So this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Nate Casimiro (35m 50s):

Nate Stalcup (35m 51s):
It should be easy to guess. In this dark comedy, a young couple dies, like within the first 10 minutes of the movie. Immediately after that, a New York family moves in with an overworked father, a loopy mother, their daughter, the type of girl I thought I was going to marry, at this age, you know, but obviously I didn’t. And then their obviously super gay friend or uncle or something, either way he’s extremely gay, but they never come out and say it. I think that’s another ’80s thing that’s common, going around in these movies. So eventually the selfish, dead couple get fed up with their new roommates and decide to ask a poltergeist for help. And you’ll never fucking guess what happens. That was a bad idea. Who would’ve thought?

Nate Stalcup (36m 30s):
And eventually, they all team up together, blah, blah, blah. They take them and destroy basically the best character in the whole fucking movie and beat him and become best friends. Oh, and at one point they go to Saturn. Name the movie. [Sings Inaudibly]

Nate Casimiro (36m 46s):
[Inaudible] I don’t know. [Inaudible] That’s not good. Were they doing another… I thought there were like talks that there was going to be another “Beetlejuice” coming?

Nate Stalcup (36m 54s):
I thought so.

Nate Casimiro (36m 54s):
I thought so. I would like that. You know what a fucking unique concept for a movie.

Nate Stalcup (36m 58s):
Oh, yeah.

Nate Casimiro (36m 58s):
Honestly, I really dig it. And also, do you remember the animated “Beetlejuice”?

Nate Stalcup (37m 1s):
I do remember that.

Nate Casimiro (37m 3s):
That shit was… That was hot.

Nate Stalcup (37m 5s):
Oh yeah, for sure.

Nate Casimiro (37m 6s):
It was lit.

Nate Stalcup (37m 7s):
I seriously, growing up, I thought that Lydia was going to be like my wife someday, like super depressed, dark hair. And then it rolled over into Christina Ricci, in “The Addams Family” movies.

Nate Casimiro (37m 19s):
I was just going to say, I bet if you liked her, you liked…

Nate Stalcup (37m 22s):
Oh, I loved her.

Nate Casimiro (37m 23s):
Whatever about Beetlejuice, but yeah Wednesday Addams.

Nate Stalcup (37m 26s):

Nate Casimiro (37m 27s):
I still have like a man crush on her.

Nate Stalcup (37m 28s):
Oh yeah. She’s got it going on. Just understands my life, you know.

Nate Casimiro (37m 35s):
See the rest are so iconic. It’s like why even try, but okay. So whiny girl hates her blood kin. So a gender-fluid, wizard, extraterrestrial, kidnaps baby and commences gene world sequence thing, where there’s like giant set up puzzles, and then where like Ana Matronic, goblin things, and a lot of crotches.

Nate Stalcup (38m 4s):
Lots of crotches.

Nate Casimiro (38m 5s):
Lots of crotch and musical numbers, and then also a lot of weird puppets that are really creepy looking. But it’s also like a really good movie, I guess, if you can get over the girl [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (38m 20s):
Ooo, okay. Yes. That’s “Labyrinth”.

Nate Casimiro (38m 23s):
Of course. And I also liked that movie a lot.

Nate Stalcup (38m 25s):
And there was a… It was tough choosing too, because there were actually a lot of really good animated movies that came out in the ’80s.

Nate Casimiro (38m 31s):
Yeah. I didn’t know where we stood on like using animated movies…

Nate Stalcup (38m 34s):

Nate Casimiro (38m 34s):
…you know, kind of honestly.

Nate Stalcup (38m 35s):
Because there was “Akira” that came out in the ’80s.

Nate Casimiro (38m 39s):
That’s a huge [inaudible]…

Nate Stalcup (38m 41s):
“The Hobbit” cartoon, I think, came out in the ’80s. There was one other one that piqued my interest. There was a Disney one, “The Fox and the Hound”, that I watched a million times younger, but I wasn’t going to do that one.

Nate Casimiro (38m 50s):
Did you…? Yeah. Did you… That’s just sad.

Nate Stalcup (38m 54s):
Yeah it is.

Nate Casimiro (38m 56s):
Then there was a direct fucking VHS sequel and that was…

Nate Stalcup (38m 59s):
That was not good.

Nate Casimiro (39m 0s):
…that was not good.

Nate Stalcup (39m 1s):
But the original “The Fox and the Hound”, you’re like, what? Kids shouldn’t be subjected to that.

Nate Casimiro (39m 5s):
Yeah, Dude, I like just, I straight up… Anyway, what I wanted to ask you was I, there was a few movies I had, like, in my head, I’m like, oh, I want to do this movie – 1990, 1991.

Nate Stalcup (39m 16s):

Nate Casimiro (39m 17s):
There was a lot, not a lot, but there was a few that like, fell like right after that…

Nate Stalcup (39m 21s):

Nate Casimiro (39m 21s):
…that I was, I was bummed out about.

Nate Stalcup (39m 23s):
I think there was one movie that I wanted to get. And, which one was it? I’m having a hard time remembering right now, but it rolled right into 1990. So I couldn’t use it. Oh, and there was another one I wanted to use, but it was actually 1977, or something, when it came out.

Nate Casimiro (39m 39s):
What was that one? Because I… If we did a ’70s, I would not get it.

Nate Stalcup (39m 42s):

Nate Casimiro (39m 43s):

Nate Stalcup (39m 43s):
God I can’t remember… It feels like an ’80s movie, but it’s not. And for the life of me, I should have wrote it down anyway, but I can’t remember which one it was. Because I was just scrolling through a list and I was like, thinking about movies and it popped up. I’m like, oh, I’m going to use that, but it didn’t go within our theme of the ’80s.

Nate Casimiro (39m 57s):
It’s so funny, because I feel like anything old just feels like ’80s.

Nate Stalcup (39m 60s):

Nate Casimiro (39m 60s):
Like if it was old, it probably wasn’t ’70s, it was the ’80s. If it was old, it was ’90s, it was probably ’80s. I don’t know. That’s how I kind of feel. And like, if I think it’s like newer, it’s like late ’90s/2000s.

Nate Stalcup (40m 10s):

Nate Casimiro (40m 11s):
In my head, that’s how I like sort it out and stuff. I don’t… I’m not going to name the movies that I wanted to use for now, because I think we should fucking do this again for the ’90s.

Nate Stalcup (40m 19s):
Ooo yeah.

Nate Casimiro (40m 19s):
We should do another decade at some point…

Nate Stalcup (40m 21s):
[Inaudible] mystery.

Nate Casimiro (40m 22s):
…because the ’90s, you know, was more my jam. I would be a true ’90s kids. So I think there’s more to offer. And I think we’ll both have more like obscure shit…

Nate Stalcup (40m 31s):
Right. It will be more well-rounded on the ’90s movies.

Nate Casimiro (40m 34s):
Exactly. Exactly. But yeah, ’80s, like if I had to just like, guess what the ’80s were about from these movie pitches, it’s about dancing. It’s about drugs. It’s about internalizing your homosexuality.

Nate Stalcup (40m 47s):

Nate Casimiro (40m 47s):
And it’s, excuse me. And I think too much [inaudible]… It’s about truckers.

Nate Stalcup (40m 54s):
Truckers. Tournaments.

Nate Casimiro (40m 56s):
Tournaments. Tournaments, for sure. Bad families.

Nate Stalcup (40m 59s):
Terrible families.

Nate Casimiro (40m 59s):
Terrible family and space.

Nate Stalcup (41m 3s):

Nate Casimiro (41m 4s):
A little bit space.

Nate Stalcup (41m 4s):
Ooo, a lot of space. Because there was a, what was the, there was another one I wanted to do. God, I can’t… I think “Enemy Mine”. And me and my dad, that was actually me and my dad’s movie. We watched that like three or four times. And that one was really weird I remember because the alien looked super cool and it was a man and an enemy alien, like both got stranded on the same planet, and they had to learn to work together. But then somehow the alien man got pregnant and… Yeah. And then he dies, right? And then the human dude has to care of this new alien baby, that’s supposed to be an enemy.

Nate Casimiro (41m 36s):

Nate Stalcup (41m 37s):
Yeah. I should have done that one.

Nate Casimiro (41m 38s):

Nate Stalcup (41m 39s):
But all these I did and rode out, I didn’t look up the summary. I just went through a list of movies. I was like, okay, I remember that movie. And I just did a summary from my head. That’s why they’re coming out this way.

Nate Casimiro (41m 49s):
Damn. Yeah. There was some others we missed too, like “WarGames”, but they just…

Nate Stalcup (41m 54s):
I loved “WarGames”.

Nate Casimiro (41m 55s):
…like a lot of these always like, it would be really hard to…

Nate Stalcup (41m 58s):
Right. And what was that Val Kilmer one, where he was super smart, but didn’t apply himself? It was something like that. Yeah. You haven’t seen that one? Val Kilmer is in it, where he looks young and handsome and he’s like a super genius prodigy guy, but he doesn’t apply himself. And then like some shenanigans happens and he ends up saving the day. Typical ’80s, fucking bullshit. But it was actually a pretty good watch.

Nate Casimiro (42m 18s):
Wow. Interesting. When we do the ’90s, what genres do you like? I think a lot of my movies in the ’90s and I don’t want you to look this up, but I think they’re going to be comedies. They’re going to be… A lot of the movies I think are going to be weird comedies.

Nate Stalcup (42m 35s):
Okay. Okay.

Nate Casimiro (42m 36s):
Like I’ll give one away and just, and then I won’t use it, but because I have so much source material for the ’90s. Heard of “Down Periscope”?

Nate Stalcup (42m 45s):

Nate Casimiro (42m 46s):
Fucking [inaudible] or whatever his name is.

Nate Stalcup (42m 48s):
Yes. yes, yes.

Nate Casimiro (42m 48s):
I fucking love that movie and it’s so fucking weird. It’s a lot of those…

Nate Stalcup (42m 53s):

Nate Casimiro (42m 53s):
…you know, fucking…

Nate Stalcup (42m 54s):
Like a silly zany.

Nate Casimiro (42m 57s):
Yup. Yup. Or like, what’s that? What was the, one of the Wayans brothers, but he’s like a drill sergeant.

Nate Stalcup (43m 4s):
Oh, “Major Payne”.

Nate Casimiro (43m 6s):
“Major Payne”. Yeah. Like a lot of those like stand out for me. And then there’s plenty of like teenager rom-com stuff. So I think you’re going to see a lot of those. A lot of comedies, a lot of rom-coms for me in the ’90s.

Nate Stalcup (43m 17s):
I’m going to be doing a lot of horror.

Nate Casimiro (43m 19s):

Nate Stalcup (43m 19s):
Because I wanted to squeeze in some horror on this, but I wasn’t so familiar. Like “Hellraiser” came out in the ’80s and I love “Hellraiser”, but I wasn’t comfortable enough making a fake summary about it.

Nate Casimiro (43m 29s):

Nate Stalcup (43m 30s):
Even though I love that movie and I shouldn’t because it’s gory and disgusting. There’s no way I should have been watching that as well.

Nate Casimiro (43m 35s):
I’m going to have to… It’s tough. The only research you can do is watching a movie you haven’t seen. Like that’s what I’m going to say for these challenges. Because like, you know I don’t know, horror movies very well. So I’ll have to watch like at least a lot of the main ones.

Nate Stalcup (43m 48s):

Nate Casimiro (43m 48s):
And make sure that I don’t like miss out on these, but yeah. I’m not going to look through like a list of horror movies and read synopses. I’m just going to try to like maybe…

Nate Stalcup (43m 56s):
Brush up on it. .

Nate Casimiro (43m 57s):
..brush up a little bit.

Nate Stalcup (43m 57s):

Nate Casimiro (43m 57s):
But I’ll just watch the ones I should have anyway.

Nate Stalcup (44m 0s):
So the next time we do this, it’s going to be the ’90s.

Nate Casimiro (44m 3s):
I think so. I think so. Man, I have nothing else to say.

Nate Stalcup (44m 8s):
Me either. I had a lot of fun doing these and the same beating the dead horse thing. If you guys liked what you saw, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

Nate Casimiro (44m 17s):
Did you get some? Did anyone get them all, aside from Nate’s mama?

Nate Stalcup (44m 20s):
Yeah, if you got them all, then, besides my mom, then you’re full of shit.

Nate Casimiro (44m 24s):
My mom might have too, but I don’t know. I feel… It’s kind of weird. I felt like she was home a lot obviously, but she worked a lot and I feel like all of these movies, I watched with my siblings. Like my mom was there… Maybe she was like, you know how you, like, don’t recognize that adults are around when you were younger?

Nate Stalcup (44m 38s):

Nate Casimiro (44m 38s):
We talked about it in another episode of, if you like were at a store and you looked at something, you just assume they didn’t exist. And you’re like, wow, how did you know I wanted this? Like, so I don’t know if I just don’t remember my mom necessarily like being behind me when I watched this. I know my dad, 100% was next to me for like a lot of these like “Highlander”, shit like that.

Nate Stalcup (44m 56s):

Nate Casimiro (44m 56s):
And he was always there. I can tell you the movies I watched with my dad, but my mom, I don’t remember if they were just on the background. She’s probably just busy, like cleaning or cooking or doing, keeping everything, you know, not on fire basically, but she was probably there. So…

Nate Stalcup (45m 11s):
See, and then one of the movies I did want to do, and I just looked it up to verify was “Pete’s Dragon”. But that was in 1977. And my mom is the only person that would watch that movie with me. And even my family today, will not watch that movie with me. And I fucking love it. So it’s about this orphan kid, right? And he’s an orphan and he gets sold to this hillbilly hix. And that’s even one of the songs. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. They even sing a song. Like… [Sings] We got a bill of sale right here. We got… So they bought this child. Right? And then he leaves away. But it turns out, he’s got an imaginary dragon that only he can see, unless the dragon decides to show himself to other people. So it’s a real dragon. He can just stay invisible, I guess. And they go into this new town, try and make a new life for themselves.

Nate Stalcup (45m 52s):
And then the Dragon is just a terrible fucking person, because he’s a dragon, he’s not a person. He’s a terrible person, but he’s a great dragon. And he’s causing all kinds of mischief. And since he’s invisible, everybody in the town thinks this guy did it. You know, the little kid, which doesn’t make sense because the Dragon’s walking through new cement and he’s leaving dragon-sized footprints, like three-toed footprints and they’re like this fucking orphan kid did it, this son of a bitch, like how did he do it? You know, he’s poor, he’s got nothing. He’s dirty and in overalls. So anyway, he goes to this lighthouse and makes a friend with this lady and she’s like, “Oh, you’re so cool.” And he’s like, “Oh, thanks you’re the only person that likes me.” And then she’s like, has her own sob story. She’s like, “My husband was lost at sea.” And like, oh my God, that’s terrible. And then it has, I think Mickey Rooney is his name, plays a drunk dad of the lighthouse lady.

Nate Stalcup (46m 36s):
And he’s just like, “I saw a dragon.” You know, he’s all drunk. And he gets his drunk friend and they go, befriend the dragon in the cave. And then the dragon makes all kinds of, he’s a cartoon dragon, by the way, he’s a drawn cartoon in a real life action movie. It’s a cartoon dragon. And this is all critical to the story. And then there’s also another, the one bad guy, family wasn’t enough. The hillbillies, I think there was four of them, two kids, mom, and dad; if that wasn’t enough, they also throw in another bad guy. And he is like a snake-oil salesman. Like he says, he has all these miracle cures. He’s actually a piece of shit, but he wants to capture the dragon so he can make actual, real potions.

Nate Stalcup (47m 16s):
And all this unfolds, blah, blah, blah, blah. They get into a big fight. Scuffles, scuffle, scuffle. The dragon finds the fucking lighthouse lady’s husband at sea, and brings him back. And, oh my God, another big happy family. And they adopt Pete.

Nate Casimiro (47m 29s):
How long is this movie?

Nate Stalcup (47m 31s):
I pretty much… My description was the length of the movie.

Nate Casimiro (47m 34s):
It was holy goodness.

Nate Stalcup (47m 35s):
But that’s how much I love that movie, Nate.

Nate Casimiro (47m 37s):
You know, it’s kind of weird. I think with the ’90s, what’s kind of going to be interesting there is that there started to be a lot more special effects. I mean it started in the ’80s.

Nate Stalcup (47m 45s):

Nate Casimiro (47m 45s):
The ’90s started to mainstream special effects in movies. And you would think that would create more like creativity in movies. But I almost feel like it limited movies to like…

Nate Stalcup (47m 54s):

Nate Casimiro (47m 54s):
…alright, since we’re going to actually animate this or, you know, throw some like special effects in here, it has to be something our production company can actually come up with.

Nate Stalcup (48m 1s):

Nate Casimiro (48m 1s):
So I felt like they reined it in a lot more. The seventies they’re like, fuck it. We’re just going to do whatever [inaudible]…

Nate Stalcup (48m 6s):
Throw a cartoon person, claymation people, whatever.

Nate Casimiro (48m 9s):
Let’s just fucking do it, right?

Nate Stalcup (48m 10s):
Yeah. I think that held back a lot of the movies too. Because of like, if you watch an old “The Twilight Zone” or like “Hitchcock Show” that shit is scary and they only use dialogue. They don’t really have special effects, but nowadays they just throw special effects in your face and it really bogs down the story.

Nate Casimiro (48m 25s):
It does.

Nate Stalcup (48m 26s):

Nate Casimiro (48m 26s):
Absolutely. You know, we’ve all watched that movie and we were like, wow, like there’s so much of, you know, like focus on the effects, but then like where, you know, like you didn’t tell me a really brawling story, which is why I’m here at the end of the day, you know.

Nate Stalcup (48m 38s):
Or you got to have something like an “Avengers” that needs 12 movies to have a story, you know, to have one cohesive story it needs like 12 movies.

Nate Casimiro (48m 46s):
I’m going to say it guys. I’m over the Marvel stuff, you know.

Nate Stalcup (48m 49s):
Me too.

Nate Casimiro (48m 51s):
I do kind of want to watch these like Disney series. I’m glad we’re kind of out of the movie relm but I just don’t have time to watch every single and like, you know, like the advantage of it all being in the same universe and being connected is also a disadvantage, because I’m like, ah, so I have to watch all of this to get all the references?

Nate Stalcup (49m 6s):

Nate Casimiro (49m 6s):
And it’s like, I just can’t do it anymore.

Nate Stalcup (49m 8s):
It’s too much to care about every single side character, to watch their own spinoff show.

Nate Casimiro (49m 13s):
It’s so funny, but I’m actually starting to like swing back to like, I just want single series with like four seasons. It ends… “Castlevania”. I’m talking about “Castlevania”.

Nate Stalcup (49m 20s):
Boom, done.

Nate Casimiro (49m 21s):
Here, I’m going to fill out this crazy [inaudible].

Nate Stalcup (49m 23s):
Okay. Let me hear it.

Nate Casimiro (49m 24s):
My mom comes in November.

Nate Stalcup (49m 26s):

Nate Casimiro (49m 27s):
I feel like we need to get our moms on an episode.

Nate Stalcup (49m 29s):

Nate Casimiro (49m 30s):
And then we quiz them on like maybe the ’80s movies…

Nate Stalcup (49m 33s):
Cause we’re always talking them up, but people don’t know.

Nate Casimiro (49m 35s):
I know. I know. People don’t know. And also like, I think your mom’s a fucking like pop culture, at least ’80s pop culture, like know it all. And I want to see, is it true, or are you just talking her up?

Nate Stalcup (49m 45s):

Nate Casimiro (49m 45s):
And then my mom is going to be here. So why not? Let’s just do it.

Nate Stalcup (49m 47s):
Let’s do it.

Nate Casimiro (49m 48s):
I don’t know if I’m speaking for her. She is a huge nerd, too. My mom goes to the… She lives in Rhode Island. She [inaudible]. She dresses up as Star Trek. So my mom is also a big nerd. I don’t know if movies is necessarily her focus.

Nate Stalcup (50m 2s):

Nate Casimiro (50m 2s):
And maybe like if it was books or something. I don’t know. So I feel like there needs to be like a Nate’s Mum Versus Nate’s Mum.

Nate Stalcup (50m 7s):
The common ground.

Nate Casimiro (50m 8s):
Yeah. We’ll have to figure it out, but I’m just throwing it out there. Nate’s Mum, if you’re listening, I challenge on behalf of my mom, to a duel.

Nate Stalcup (50m 15s):
Alright. Let’s see what happens.

Nate Casimiro (50m 17s):
Let’s see what happens. Alright, guys. Thanks for listening. If you listened to this episode, go ahead and let us know on social media. Did you know everyone of these movies?

Nate Stalcup (50m 25s):
No you didn’t.

Nate Casimiro (50m 26s):
No, you fucking didn’t. You did not watch “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” unless you were my sister. And then you definitely did.

Nate Stalcup (50m 30s):
Nobody’s seen that. If I haven’t seen it, nobody’s seen it, except for Nate’s sister.

Nate Casimiro (50m 34s):
He’s going to like delete it from IMDB.

Nate Stalcup (50m 35s):
Yeah, it’s done. It’s not a real movie.

Nate Casimiro (50m 37s):
It’s like that scene in “Star Wars”, where Yoda is like, “If the system doesn’t exist, it’s not there, or someone deleted it.” Like…

Nate Stalcup (50m 44s):

Nate Casimiro (50m 46s):
Anyway. Yeah. So go ahead and leave a comment, whatever, subscribe, share our stuff. If you like this episode, help us grow an audience. Because it’s okay, if you don’t want to leave a comment, but then fucking find somebody who will.

Nate Stalcup (50m 57s):

Nate Casimiro (50m 57s):
Make them listen to the show. God damn it. It’s only a dollar on Patreon.

Nate Stalcup (51m 1s):

Nate Casimiro (51m 1s):
And yeah. I just crammed and mixed up all of our call to actions in one. So you got anything else, Nate?

Nate Stalcup (51m 6s):
We’re fucking funny.

Nate Casimiro (51m 9s):
See you next week.

Nate Stalcup (51m 10s):

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