D&D Deathmatch | Trevor Belmont Vs Van Helsing

<p>Who Would win in a fight? Trevor Belmont or Van Helsing? This episode of Nat1 presents brings you back to the deathmatch arena, where two “professional” Dracula hunters find themselves face to face to end this feud once and for all. Mixing Nat1’s one-of-a-kind roleplay with a 1v1 DnD combat encounter, you’ll want to pay close attention as the jokes are coming in just as fast as the punches. Who will come out on top? Find out! Sucker Punch!! Enjoy the show? <a href=”https://patreon.com/nat1presents/”>Consider becoming a Patron</a> for as little as a dollar!</p>

High Noon Nail Salon

In this episode, the Nates discuss Barbenheimer, bodybuilding, and the cruel realization that they will not be on television. For

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