D Hunters | Dracula Castle Crashers

Mentioned in this episode: One Shot Dungeons, an ongoing D&D campaign that incorporates alcohol and various guests each week.

In this brand new segment to the show, the Nates return as Trevor Belmont and Van Helsing with a plan to storm Dracula’s castle and slay the demon once and for all. Things don’t quite go as planned, however, when both Dracula and the castle prove that there is more at play than originally perceived. Enjoy the show? Consider becoming a Patron for as little as a dollar!

HUMOR DISCLAIMER: Please note that all jokes made are in good fun and in character only. Nat1 and the Nates do not actually share the imaginary views of their fictional characters, and much like professional comedians, believe everyone can laugh at themselves. Cheers!

High Noon Nail Salon

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